A car is traveling down a highway at a constant speed described by the equation D equals 65T or D represents the distance in miles does the car travels at the speed in tea hours how many miles does the car travel in 1.5 hours

Accepted Solution

Step-by-step explanation: We are given an equation d = 65 t, where d represents the distance, in miles, that the car travels at this speed in t hours.We know distance, speed and time relationd = s * t.Where  d represents the distance, that the car travels at this speed in t  at the speed s.If we compare that relation with the given equation, we can see s = 65.So,a) The 65 tell us speed of 65 miles per hour in this situation.b) Second part seems to be incorrect. Please check it again.c) We are given distance = 26 miles.Plugging d= 26 in the given equation.26 = 65 tDividing both sides by 65, we get26/65 = tt= 0.4 hours.So, it takes 0.4 hours or 0.4 * 60 = 24 minutes o travel 26 miles at this speed.